The Grand Slam Sports Center instructional program is designed to build on previous successes and to strengthen weaknesses in all of our students. As a development group, we strive to build a program that produces knowledgeable baseball players.

Grand Slam Sports Center Instructors are not only athletes who have reached the highest levels in the games but who are truly stewards and teachers of the game. The Grand Slam staff appreciates and values the opportunity to pass on the knowledge that was given to us in our formative years. Our staff brings a passion for the game to all of our students.

The key component in our program is to build confidence in our players through drills, game situations and mental tests. This can be accomplished with a program that emphasizes a better understanding of all aspects of baseball including but not limited to fundamentals, mechanics, mental approach to the game and the consistency it takes to become a successful ballplayer.

Areas of instruction.....

  • Hitting – Players are taught the basic principles necessary for hitting the ball with a short, compact and powerful swing. Each 30 minute session consists of a variety of soft toss, tee drills, and batting practice.

  • Fielding – Our fielding program is focused on building the general skills necessary to perform in the infield. We offer individual and  group lessons for players looking to improve their fielding ability.  See office for details.

  • Pitching – Players work in a 30 minute session that consists of a variety of throwing exercises designed to improve one’s pitching mechanics.

  • Catching – Players will go through a program which consists of a rotation of proper receiving mechanics, footwork, throwing mechanics, and techniques of blocking pitches in the dirt. As the player progresses, finer points of catching are discussed and practiced.

  • Team Instruction –  A Grand Slam staff member will run a practice for your team focusing on general skill building. We will run the practice at our facility or come to your practice field in the spring/summer.  Cost varies, see office for details

What we teach during our instruction sessions

  • Infield play: Defense wins ball games! Very few indoor baseball training facilities in the country have the space to focus on defense. Grand Slam defensive instructors use the resources we have to teach everything needed to build a sound defensive player.

  • Pitching: The staff at Grand Slam focus’ first and foremost on the mechanics of pitching. Proper mechanics lead to consistency and help prevent injury. Advanced players have the opportunity to learn not only proper mechanics but the mental approach to pitching.

  • Hitting: A major league approach to hitting from former and current professional players. Our staff brings years of professional baseball & softball experience. Fundamentals of hitting for the beginner all the way up to the mental approach to each and every at bat to advanced players are taught at Grand Slam Sports Center.


***To Protect our Instructors Livelihoods, All Lesson Reservations Have A 24 Hour Cancellation Policy Or You Will Be Charged for Your Reservation.